I’m sure there are a lot of people that are ok with staring at pretty gift-wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree, patiently waiting until Christmas night to open them op. But I assume there also are a lot of people who find it quite a challenge trying not to somehow find out what’s in it. 😉


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The last two weeks of 2018 are a go! It’s such a weird idea that it’s almost 2019 already. Last week we’ve been busy rounding up the last things we needed to send out to our Patreon backers and we hope everything gets delivered swiftly. There was a little delay due to a semi-broken laser cutter at our local fablab, but in the end: all is well! And we can’t wait to hear what our patrons think of the surprise that we made for our $10 tier patrons. 😀 We’re really happy with the results and we’ll be sure to share them here once we know they have received it. 🙂

Speaking about Patreon. This coming Friday, it’s December 21th and that means it’s time for our Winter season raffle! If you support us on Patreon, you automatically have a chance of winning one of the following things:
– A cameo in one of our comics
– A winter themed sketch (and we encourage you to think along with how it should look like)
– A t-shirt or tote bag from our Threadless store

We’re really thankful for all the support we get and would like to give a little something back to you in this way. 🙂 If you can spare a buck a month to support our contribution to the board gaming community, we would be very grateful (and you might even win something cool!): https://www.patreon.com/semicoop

We’ve had little time to play games last week, so we only played another scenario of Gloomhaven (my character is now level 7, whoooh!) and we played Wildlands. Wildlands really is a game that keeps surprising us and we’re slowly learning the important strategic differences between the different factions.

ICYMI, these are the extra comics that we published on social media, sponsored by CoolStuffInc.com:

Extra comic #007 – Surprise!
Extra comic #008 – Rookie Mistake

Do you secretly already know what’s laying under your Christmas tree?

Yep. Except not so secretly, mostly due to the fact that I was there and helped my family figure out what to get me, as they don’t always know what expansions I have/need for the games I collect. Of course, shopping in my family is only surprising between my sister and her husband and myself, but that is because they actually keep up with what I have.

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