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We’re looking forward to the delivery of our copy of Gods Love Dinosaurs, hopefully, it will arrive this or next week. The title of the game has a special positive ring to it, which led to this comic. 😉 You’ll have to wait a little longer on our full opinion on the game, but what we read about it and the demo we watched during SPIELdigital are promising.

Last week, we received a lot of games we were looking forward to! Many thanks to publishers Blue Orange, Geronimo, and 999Games for sending us these games. The game we’ve played the most is Paleo, we actually knew quite little of the game before we stepped into this co-op survival game and so far it has surprised us! We’ve written our first experiences with the game on Instagram, if you’re curious, you can check it out here.

We’ve also played our first game of Cloud City, but the graphic design team forgot to make adjustments for colorblind people, making this game highly frustrating to play if you are. The brown and green colors on the city are way too much alike and this could have easily been prevented by adding symbols or picking more contrasting colors. Our first play wasn’t as fun as it could have been because of that. We’re going to mark the tiles ourselves and will give the game another chance.

We’ve played around a little with Ghost Adventure, but we’d actually love to play our first serious attempt on live stream, it just seems like a perfect game for that. We just have to figure out a camera setup that’ll work for it.

This weekend, we also bought a copy of Abandon All Artichokes and we love that little card game and have played it six times already. It’s a quick, creative deckbuilder (or actually.. anti deckbuilder!) and it simply looks adorable. Highly recommended if you’re looking for an easy small card game with a twist. Speaking of fun card games, we also played Villagers again – ‘t has been a board game filled week!

What game title could use a ‘positive’ twist?

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