And it’s time for guest comic number two, by Annika Heller! Annika was the perfect candidate for doing a guest comic for us, since, besides being a talented illustrator, she also works at a board game cafe! And that surely gives her enough memorable experiences for comics and I love the comic she made!

A few words from Annika herself:

Hi, my name is Annika Heller and I’m an illustrator and designer from Hamburg. When I’m not drawing I’m working at Würfel and Zucker – Germanys biggest board game café – to get in contact with real people and especially board game enthusiasts! I also really like comics (even if I haven’t produced many myself) so Semi Co-op combines two of my favourite hobbies!  I love learning new games and if they are about communication, getting to know people in a unique way and are beautifully illustrated, chances are high I’m a fan.

Of course my work at a board game café inspired the comic. It shows a very common situation: People come in and claim they are pros and high functioning board game fans which gives you as their guide the chance to explain something more advanced, maybe something you recently discovered and love. You get excited and start making a list of games you could recommend in your head. And then they start raving about Monopoly and the disappointment is real.

I’d love to illustrate more board games in the future, so if you’re an author, looking for someone who’s into the topic:
Feel free to contact me via mail (, Twitter (@rotkopfchen), Instagram (@annikaheller_illustration) or my website, I’d love to hear from you!

Having free time is fun, but somehow it also just flies by way too quickly! We’ve been away from home a lot last week and done a lot of cool things, but not really played that many board games. We might just do that this week! We did, however, find an expansion of Seasons that we’ve been looking for for years! The irony of the matter is that the expansions of Seasons have been reprinted and will hit the stores in a few weeks, but nonetheless, we feel victorious! It has been a ritual of ours to visit board game stores in other cities and look for the Path of Destiny expansion, but it was always sold out. But now we have it, and even an “original” copy, hah! Now we just have to think of a new ritual…

Have you ever visited a board game cafe?

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