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Santa has delivered our gifts to our target in BoardGameGeek’s Secret Santa! We hope our ‘target’ likes them. I wanted to add something nice to the experience without directly reveiling our identity – so… we added an image of NOT the Dork Tower! Our target might find this and knows that we are his Santa or not, we’ve had fun nonetheless. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our Santa is tons of fun! He or she has put a lot of work into organizing everything and keeps us up to date of the progress. We’ll probably receive our gift somewhere this or next week. So exciting!

It was Heinze’s birthday Saturday and he got War of the Ring! It’s a biiiig game. And the (Dutch) rulebook is hard to figure out, but we’re excited to play it as soon as we actually know how to play it. Does anybody of our readers have a good suggestion (video/site?) for learning War of the Ring (1st edition)?

We’ll keep you up to date what games we get from our santa!

Have you ever participated in BGG’s Secret Santa?

I have not.
It does look like a fun thing.
Could you tell more about it?

Every year there’s BGG’s Secret Santa. You sign up with your BoardGameGeek account and you get assigned a target. You buy board game (related) gifts for him or her based on their profile/current collection/wish list for like $50. He or she doesn’t know that you are their Santa and you don’t know who’s buying you a gift which makes it a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚

as a bgg secret santa participant.

I would have loved if you guys had sent something along that you do. While i do love not knowing who your santa is sometimes learning you had an exceptionally awesome santa is even more awesome.

Dropping hints that you could send them a customized comic based on their favorite game or something and kinda stringing them along and then getting a cool customized comic and a game would have been amazing.

Either way i think what you did was also really cool. I hope they enjoy it.

Oh also i haven’t sat through all of this as i own the second edition but try this out.


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