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We’re playing a lot of games this month, which is awesome. Last week, we were also surprised by a very speedy Secret Santa from BoardGameGeek and we got two games from our wishlist: Fort and Arboretum! We’ve now played both of them and are really happy to add these to our collection. With Fort, we got the feeling that the game will shine even more after you play it a few times and are familiar with all the different strategies that are in the game. The first time we played it, it felt like we were just scratching the surface and during our second game, we utilized the possibilities of the cards more and used more strategy than just upgrading your Fort to score points. It plays in about 30 minutes, so it’s one that’ll definitely hit the table more often.

Yesterday, we also played our first game of Arboretum and that game has a lot going on! We really like the use of the discard pile and the fact that you have to keep cards of different species of trees in your hand in order to be able to actually score points for those species… or will you take a risk and hope the other player also doesn’t have a card in their hand of the species you’d like to score and then both of you get to score points? There is a lot to consider! We like it!

On Friday, we also did a spontaneous live stream of us playing Ghost Adventure for the first time. It’s a game with spinning tops that you have to guide to different worlds. I think we did pretty well, considering it was our first try. 😉 If you’re interested, you can watch the live stream here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/801723432 (Sorry, I keep saying spinning toll instead of spinning top, I have no idea why. :’)) We’ll upload the video to our YouTube channel later this week so you can still watch it after it’s gone from our Twitch channel.

We’ve also played another scenario of Paleo! It took us two tries, meaning it was also the first time we lost a scenario (oh no!). This scenario also had its own twist, making it a really fun game to discover and keep playing. I fully understand that there’s a buzz surrounding this game. 🙂

We also played a game of Gloomhaven and Glasgow! Gloomhaven is getting more fun again and everybody is happy with their characters right now, one of our group was playing with a character that they didn’t really enjoy and I’ve finally found a way to play my beastmaster in a way that is fun and effective.

What’s your non-selfish selfish wish?

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