Some of you have been asking about it for quite a while and we have exciting news: We’ve launched our Patreon page! If you like our comics and you can afford it, you can now financially support us for the work we’re doing! We have some fun things like winning one of our merchandise products or winning an appearance in one of our comics as a ‘thank you’ for our patrons in our Seasonal Raffle. By supporting us with only $1 a month you already take part in the raffle. The higher the patron-tier, the more raffle tickets you get. You can read all about it and the different levels of pledges and their rewards on our Patreon page:

Why start a Patreon now?
I’ve been drawing a Semi Co-op comic once a week for over three years now and that hasn’t always been easy. I’m a freelance illustrator (/animator) and often I have to spend my weekends on making sure there is a new comic every Monday. I started out wanting to learn about drawing comics and cartoons and because we had all of these great ideas for comics about our biggest hobbies: playing board games. With now, almost 180 comics, Semi Co-op’s audience is growing bigger and bigger and people have been asking if they could support us financially. I’ve been holding off accepting money for a personal project like this, but with my work-life getting busier and busier I feel like I don’t always have the time to draw a comic the way I would like and I long for some free time in the weekends so I can play the amazing games that you just can’t play on an evening.

Let me be clear that this Patreon is not an all-or-nothing, in the foreseeable future we will continue making a comic for our readers every week as we’ve been doing for the past three years! 🙂 But the money I receive through Patreon could maybe give me the financial freedom to spend one workday a week on Semi Co-op. That is the first big goal. Meaning I have more time to actually play games during the weekends, which will give us more ideas for funny comics and prevents me from slowly burning myself up by simply stated: always working. Being so busy I also lack the time to explore the possibilities of Semi Co-op and animation, which is something I’d love to play with more. And there we have the second goal of the Patreon: explore the realms of animation with funny animated board game sketches. 😀

We know that supporting us financially is not possible for everybody and that doesn’t make them less precious readers to us. That’s why we think it’s important that there will be no exclusive content for our Patreon backers. There are perks to being a patron, but no exclusive comics, earlier published comics, etc. We appreciate every reader and if you’re not able to become a patron, we’re just as happy with your likes/shares on social platforms. Spreading the word about our silly niche comic is just as valuable to us and we thank you for that.

Thank you for reading and thank you for your support! <3

What game do you need an extra for?

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