We’re always very laidback if it comes to beverages and board games and that’s also because we don’t remember any spilling accidents happening at our table. Until last week while playing 7 Wonders, haha. Luckily there was no major damage and we only lost some coin tokens. All good, all good, we were lucky, and as a bonus: that led to this comic! We’re not changing our behavior and we want to believe that this was a singular occurrence. 😉


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Last week, we’ve played a lot of lighter games! As mentioned, we played 7 Wonders with the new Edifice expansion. To prevent this blog post from becoming too long, you can find our first impression on our Instagram account. Sticking to the same theme, we also played a game of Akropolis and are still amazed by the tight and solid gameplay of the game. It’s impressive! And we played Splendor Duel, which we still think is an excellent two-player game.

We also received the Star Wars: The Deckbuilding Game from Asmodee and we were really curious since it reminded us a lot of Star Realms. Was this just going to be a Star Wars-themed copy of Star Realms and Ascension? Actually, yes and no! At its core, it’s a lot like Star Realms, but there are some important differences that we think have been neatly integrated with the theme. One player represents the Rebels and the other the Empire. In the market row, there are Rebel, Empire, and neutral cards. The Rebel and Empire player can buy neutral cards but they cannot buy each other faction’s cards. They can, however, attack the other faction’s cards that are in the Market row for resources and other powers. We also like the slightly cheesy Force mechanic in the game that enables special abilities of some cards if “the Force is with you”. There’s a Force track and the Force gets pulled between the Rebels and the Empire during the game by playing or attacking cards. The first player to destroy four bases (three when playing a short game) of the other player, wins. All in all, the game isn’t super original but we did really enjoy playing it and even played it four times last week.

Lastly, yesterday we were visited by our younger nephews who wanted to play some board games! After quite some debate, we ended up playing MegaCity: Oceania, Sweet & Spicy, and Mysterium. All games were a hit but Mysterium really struck the right chord and we even got to play another game of Mysterium after dinner.

Share the story of your worst spilling accident at the game table in the replies. 👇😱

The old Dune. We were just finished with the hour of rule learning and set up. We begun the betting phase, when tea was served, and a whole cup was spilled. Tokens, cards, the board. Game was aborted and the boardgame had to be replaced by the culprit.

Worst was probably our friend who knocked over her can of soda while we were playing Shadows Over Camelot. A few of the cards got a little messed up, and the boards we a bit sticky for a time, but overall the damage was minimal.

Fast forward a number of years and we were playing Inis and the same person spilled her soda can. Luckily I had actually sleeved the cards for Inis (they’re so nice looking!), so virtually no damage was done.

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