You probably shouldn’t have robbed that bank. You also shouldn’t have eaten that spicy breakfast burrito. “One problem at a time,” you tell yourself. “OK Guy, you messed up, but this trial might be your shot at redemption.”

Voices in my Head is a competitive game for 3-6 players. Guy is on trial, and his actions will determine if he goes free or to prison. Should he tell the truth, or lie for all he is worth? You decide in this wacky game of internal conflict in the court of law.

One player is the prosecutor, and other players secretly take on different aspects of Guy’s personality. Are you the “Honest” part of Guy that wants to see him tell the truth, or the “Selfish” part that wants him go free?

Vie to control the different regions of Guy’s brain using an innovative 3D game board. Steer Guy’s decisions during the trial using strategy, scheming, and light dexterity elements.

The trial is full of wild and memorable moments. Will Guy’s ex say nice things about him from the witness stand? Will Guy get caught lying about an imaginary twin brother? Your choices determine Guy’s fate.

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