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A lot of game nights take place at our house and some bigger games are quite a hassle to take with you on a bike* and so they sometimes get left behind in at our place. ๐Ÿ˜€

* Yes bikes are really a big part of living in The Netherlands and a lot of people here don’t even own a car.

So we’ve been playing quite some games again this week and that has been fun again! With autumn kicking in, there is something cozy about huggling up at a kitchen table playing some board gamesย with hot coco and a blanket.
It’s been a long while, but we played Forbidden Stars again! Too bad I had forgotten a lot of rules and made tons of silly strategical mistakes … ending the game in the fourth round. Normally our plays end in the final, the 8th, round. ย It’s still a brilliant and elegant game and I will certainly have my revenge – soon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

We also been playing multiple games of Elder Sign and we bought Kingdomino and that turns out to be a great filler game with a great flow. ย The box says 20 minutes play time, but I think it can easily be played in 10 minutes with two players.

Last week we asked you guys for advice on deciding which games had to go and we received a lot useful tips – thank you! I’m curious:

Which games in your collection are probably the first to go?

Is it weird that I sometimes consider ditching games with oddly-shaped boxes that mess up a nice, uniform shelf? It’s just that, more often than not, they’re wonderful games … Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, Sushi Go! Party, Ice Cool, Lazer Ryderz, Brewin’ USA … so I can’t.

As my collection grows, I’m becoming more and more a fan of the notion of less box size variation and the smallest box possible … Akrotiri being an outstanding example.

(LOVE the subtle “Shelfie Mode” joke in the first panel … well done!)

If it is odd, I’m right there with you in the land of the odd. If the games good I’ll probably keep it but hide it away in my wardrobe (Lots of bigger box games in there as they don’t fit on a kallax), but they’re certainly higher on my list when looking to purge some games from the collection.

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