Oh, Game of Thrones… I won’t elaborate on this comic too much to prevent publishing any real spoilers. 😉 

We’re back from the UK Games Expo! We’re completely exhausted and a bit sick from presumably food poisoning on Saturday (nooo fun!), but we’ve had an amazing time. It mostly was a social event for us and maybe a little less of a gaming event. It’s always so great to meet fellow board game “content creators”, Semi Co-op readers, game designers, volunteers and people that work at tirelessly at the booths. A big thank you for everybody that said hi, it’s so lovely to meet people who read this silly niche comic!


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We took part in No Pun Included’s Victorian Parlour Games show together with Ross from MoreGamesPlease and Jon from Actualol and that was hilarious. Elaine did an amazing job hosting the event and I did a great job at failing at simple games in front of a crowd. Except for the Skittle part. 😉 They filmed the show so I’ll share a link to the video when it’s published.

We also played a lot of games! Like Hub Games’ MegaCity: Oceania which was a big surprise! I hadn’t read a lot about it yet and only knew it was a city building dexterity game… Ok, sure?! Turns out it really is a city building dexterity game! We had a blast playing it together with Doctor Meeple and are looking forward to its release. And on Saturday night…. we finally played Two Rooms and a Boom! The first play, I had no clue what was happening, but after that, ohh man, what a game. It was a great experience and playing it with 15 -20 people felt like a really nice size of a group for this. In the coming weeks, we’ll post pictures of the new games we’ve played on our Instagram account and give our opinion about them.

For now, I’ll share a list of what we played:

Vadoran Gardens
Captain Sonar
Second Chance
Welcome to Dinoworld
Silver & Gold
3 Laws of Robotics
Magnate: The First City
Letter Jam
Chocobo’s Party Up
Tempel des Schreckens
Kitty Cataclysm
Just One
Eye My Favorite Things
A fun prototype of Peer Sylvester!

No big expo haul pictures from us, since we only took two games home with us. A copy of Treasure Island (been looking for that one!) and Vadoran Gardens. For now, it’s back to bed for me and hopefully, the stomach bug will be gone tomorrow. We’ve had a great UKGE and are left with a lot of great memories.

It’s been quite the gaming weekend with ITTD and the UKGE, what games did you play?

Between played, demo’d and playtested my list is:

Vadoran Gardens
Sub Terra
Sub Terra 2
9 Worlds
1066: Tears To Many Mothers
Conan Adventures: Tower of the Elephant
Slide Quest
Star Flix

And yet there were so many I wanted to try and never got chance to!

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