For this comic I dived a little into the history of Marie Curie and she truly was a compelling person. I knew she was a scientist and was involved in research on radioactivity, but that’s about it. I never knew about the awesome stuff she’s done! I was happy to discover that her vehicle in Steampunk Rally, the Petite Curie, was actually based on the mobile X-Ray vehicles she invented to help wounded soldiers in WW1. Fascinating!

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I already wrote a little about Steampunk Rally in an earlier blog, click here if you’d like to read it.

A friend introduced us to yet another game in the Android Universe: Infiltration. And that was not was I had expected! It’s Ocean’s Eleven the game, only NOT cooperative and it’s quite hard. The game is about you and your competitive burglars/hackers/runners that are breaking in a building that has many floors. A player has multiple actions he or she can perform and they can of course.. move to a higher floor in the building. The new floors you enter aren’t necessarily harder, the problem is that time is ticking and before the alarm counter reaches 100 – you have to be out of the building or you’ll get caught. The higher you go, the further you have to go back to escape. This strongly reminded me of K2. Trying to reach the top, isn’t always a good strategy – it’s sometimes better to head back in time and let other players push their luck… and see them fail… 😉

We love games that are ‘historical’ with a creative twist! Do you know other games that do this?

ah still want to try steampunck rally it seems for the right game in a lot of situations. not to heavy. fun theme and engiene building

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