The Proof of Purchase tokens of Fantasy Flight Games’ games… what are they for and does anybody actually keep them? I went through the boxes of our FFG games and I can say: yes, some people keep them. We still have them all, apparently. I was kind of surprised myself. This comic is obviously about what might haveĀ happened if we hadn’t kept them. šŸ˜‰


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Did you keep the Proof of Purchase tokens of your FFG games?

Oddly enough I was just going through a couple of my FFG game boxes yesterday but didn’t remember seeing anything like this. Just rechecked the boxes and sure enough they were hiding underneath the cardboard framework in both. I honestly hadn’t ever seen/noticed them before, haha.

If you ever have a problem with the game (such as losing or breaking pieces) and need to contact their support, my experience has always been that they’ll do what they can to help you… As long as you have that token. If not, it sort of becomes a “We can’t really do much for you”.

Maybe it’s a like those “Inspected by Mr. X” type tags in clothes? The dudes inspects it as it goes down the line and throws the tag in there. When it’s weighed before being crated the weight will indicate if it’s been inspected or not. Kind of a Quality Control measure maybe? I have no idea to be honest, just a random guess =P

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