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Small World! A ‘new’ classic. I still think it’s a great gateway game thanks to its pace, lovely art and general sillyness. 🙂

Yesterday there was another Netrunner tournament! I was asked a few months back if I’d like to design a custom Netrunner card of The Supplier, displaying our FLGS Comicasa as a sort of thank you for the store and as a cool little price for all the participants. Of course I said yes and it was ‘released’ yesterday. The owners of the store got a very nice large print to hang at the wall and I received a lot copies of the card.

>Click here to see the original image of the card.<

(If you would like some Supplier cards to give away as a price at a local Netrunner tournament, send me a message and I could send you some. If you’re in The Netherlands: you can visit the Comicasa and ask them for a copy of the card!)

We’ve been interviewed by DadMostlyLoses and it was published last week! You can read it by clicking here.

What do you think is a great gateway game to get people interested in board games?

I’ve had success with The Adventurers games from Fantasy Flight (Temple of Chac and Pyramid of Horus).

The Indiana Jones-esque theme informs all the potentially daunting action mechanics, and it’s great to see those friends that have never played an RPG really get into their character.

Tokaido is a game I’ve had massive success with, so much so that when I guilted my family into playing, they not only tolerated it, they asked to play it again!

After that, King of Tokyo has been a sure fire hit with the visual appeal, the thrill of the dice and the simple mechanisms

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