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SPIEL is this week! I’m pretty sure 90% of our conversations are about who we want to see, what games we want to play, whether the promotional materials look good, and if we have enough stroopwafels. Stroopwafels are the standard Dutch lubricant during business conversations, so we need a lot of them at Spiel to make sure we can do even more cool things next year. 😉

While most meetings are behind the scenes you’ll have to wait until next year before you can see the results, we will be playing Pictomania on the CGE live stream on Saturday together with Ready, Steady Play so tune in, and have a blast if you’re not at Spiel this weekend.

Because of all of the Spiel preparations, we only played two games this week, we played Beer & Bread which is a nice two-player euro game that will probably hit our table for a very long time because of it offers a lot of crunchy choices in a short time span. We also introduced a friend to Village Rails, which we might have sold as “a fun short game about trains with only twelve turns”. It was around turn six when he realized those twelve turns would contain a lot more depth and things that will sneak up on you than you might expect. What is it with games with a picturesque art style that will give you more brain burn than a math equation written on a chili pepper?

We hope to see many of you at Spiel or enjoying all the cool news coming out of Essen, we’ll be back next week, hopefully, happy and very tired. 🙂


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