… But what if all board games spark joy?! 😀


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We’ve purged our collection a little last year and gave away some games we knew we would really not play again. But I will be honest that I have a hard time letting go of most games, even if we haven’t played them for over two years. Now, we do have the luxury that we have space for a lot of board games, so there’s no dire need to be very selective. But the whole Marie Kondo hype did get me thinking about it.

I’ve been a little under the weather last week, so we’ve played not too many board games. We did play one hysterical game of Gloomhaven in which our strategy was to RUN. I think we only took out maybe 5 of the 18 enemies on the board, but we all made it!

We also played our first Exit game! To be more precise, The Sinister Mansion. It was a fun experience and had some creative puzzles in there. At this point, I still prefer the Unlock series – but I really need to play more of the Exit games to form a fair opinion.


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Do all the games in your collection spark joy? 😉

Sadly, no. All “Betrayal at House on the Hill” sparks for me is that I need to get a better gaming group than just my immediate family, but I feel like if I give it away I give up on ever playing it with anyone, so I hold on to it.

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