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It’s time for SPIEL next week and we cannot believe that it has already been a year. Madness! With that, that also means the release of a lot of new board games, way more than we’ll be able to check in those four days! We still need to make our list of what we really want to check out so if you have any recommendations, feel free to let us know!

We’ve been really busy preparing things for Spiel, like new stickers, shirts, and a brochure (besides normal work) and having a guest over at our house for two weeks and a lot of family activities (a sports match, an escape room, a classical music concert, and a family dinner!) so board games have been a little more on the background.

BUT, besides all that, we did play The White Castle, a highly anticipated game at SPIEL this year. Heinze already played a game at the game night of the Dutch publisher 999 Games last week so he could quickly explain the game to me. If you’re familiar with more complex board games within the worker/dice placement genre, you’ll probably pick it up quickly but I wouldn’t be looking forward to explaining the game to people who are less experienced with games. You can read more about the game on our Instagram account.

On Friday, we met up with the super nice folks of BGStats, who actually live in the same city as we do. We always wanted to play a game together and this evening opened up! We went with a racing theme and introduced them to Heat and they introduced us to Automobiles. It’s interesting how they are both completely different racing experiences. And even though Automobiles’ bag-building mechanism was interesting, my personal favorite of the two remains Heat.

Hopefully, we get to play a few games this week but if not… we’ll surely make up for it next week because that tidal wave is coming. :’D Oh, and in case you missed it, we published an extra comic last week about the upcoming game 5 Towers!

What game release are you looking foward to?

If there’s still tickets available (no idea if that’s the case) I’d really like to check out Chip Theory Games’ stand. Hope they have some of their Elder Scrolls stuff in for a peek. Otherwise it would be my very first time, so there’s a good chance I’d just wander around and see what draws me in.

In fact, aside from seeing the sights, are there more experienced SPIEL visitors who have recommendations for what to do when in Essen?

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