Hello everyone!  I’m Sarah and I have one half of the two-person team that invented Story Builders. I’m a teacher and a mother and of course, a gamer.  My partner is an engineer, a computer geek, a father and that’s right, a gamer.

You know that moment where you have an idea that seems so obvious you’re sure it’s already been done?  And of course, you look it up and, yeah, it already exists.

Except sometimes….  It doesn’t.

Once upon a toy I had an idea, “Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an interlocking toy with pictures on it that can be used to *literally* build a story?”  Such a simple idea, I thought.

As fate would have at the exact same time that toy idea came to mind, there was a game in development that both us really liked that seemed impossible to actually make.  It required dozens of completely unique objects that would chain together to make ‘quests.’  You can’t just make a game that requires a bunch of unique toys.

Or so we thought.

The day those two ideas met could be thought of as the day Story Builders was truly born.

Well, even a simple idea can explode with passion.  We have spent the past two years obsessed with Story Builders.  The two of use really fed off one another to bring something to life that can truly call itself a game and a toy.  I could ramble on endlessly on the value of play and social intelligence.  But if your reading this you already know.  This is a wonderful world we live in, the world of play!

Big thanks are due to Rachel and Heinze for their wonderful comic and letting it be a venue for me to share my story.  Now, go share yours.  Go play.

Story Builders is on Kickstarter right now, click here to check it out:

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