K2 is one of those games that’s always fun to play. Although when it’s 30 degrees outside, it’s a little harder to fully immerse in the theme of the game. 😉

At first we thought it was more of a racing game to the top of the mountains. But it ISN’T! Yes, you score more points if you manage to get higher on the slippery slopes, but you’re also more likely to turn in a human icicle because of exhaustion. It’s quite a puzzle to figure out when it’s the right moment to advance and when it would be best to stay put and wait for the bad weather to pass.

If you’re interested in K2, you can check out the review by Shut Up & Sit Down: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AsXG72SWAzk

So last week was GenCon, one of the biggest board games event around the globe. For all the board game enthousiasts who were unable to go there, there was GenCant! GenCant is intended to basically be something a bit fun for everyone who can’t attend Gen Con. A lot of digital chatter about games and sharing funny and goofy pictures and there were a lot of prizes to win!

Semi Co-op released some GenCant related comics on Facebook and Twitter. Follow/ like our pages to check them out. 🙂

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