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From the few times that we played D&D in the past, this is something that happened to us and probably to others too. The DM is setting up a scene at the beginning of a session and players are enthusiastic and immediately react to – anything that could be important for an upcoming quest. And when players are convinced that something is up, there can be this typical chaos at the table of people looking up if they can do certain things or asking if this or that is possible. I have nothing but respect for DM’s in these kind of situations (overall respect btw, being a DM is hard work!). 😀

But so much for today’s comic! In case you missed it, we’ve launched a new thing last Thursday! Sponsored comics, meaning that game designers/publishers or whoever has a cool board game related project can commission us to make a comic about it! These sponsored comics will be published on our website as an extra comic and will not replace our weekly comic on Mondays. So that means more content for our readers and a way for us to produce more content. We already have another fun comic in store for you this coming Thursday, so keep an eye out for that! If you’re interested in commissioning a comic, you can always contact us through social media or send us an email at and we’ll send you more information.

Back to board games! The few spare moments that we’ve had last week, we’ve spent on playing Root. There is so much to discover in that box and we want to get a grasp on all the different factions before we start playing it with friends. It’s an exciting game and so far we’re having a lot of fun with it. And I can’t wait to make Root character fanart of our cats, I love the art style. :’D

What’s the biggest misunderstanding you ever had during a game?

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