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UK Games Expo time! The last time we went was in 2019 which means it’s been five years?! Anyway, we’re happy we’re going to be roaming the NEC halls in a couple of days and hopefully bumping into loads of friends. Feel free to say hi if you see us and we’ll make sure you get some stickers.

For those curious about what Rachel has on her list, here are some of the highlights:

We have a number of meetings to see and try new games. We’re very excited to have a meeting with CGE to see Seti and we’ll be playing some Flames of Fafnir at Lucky Duck Games. We played an early prototype at Spiel (we have some fun videos and photos of it we should post) so we’re curious how it evolved since last October.

Bez has some new games and considering Wibbell and Yogi are both great, we’re very curious what she’s cooked up this time. The best titles of her new games, in our opinion, is A game about Mini Missions to Maximise Joy, which sounds like a good way to look at life in general.

Alley Cat Games has Ada’s Dream, which is a great theme for a game and we’re curious about their solo choose-your-own adventure game Fate Flip: Washed Ashore.

Board & Dice has Windmill Valley, a game so aggressively tulipy Dutch, that we can’t help but smile every time we see it. They gave us a quick overview during Spiel and it looked a little less complex than most of their games so it might be right up our alley.

Osprey Games has nothing new at the expo but have promised to have preview materials of their upcoming games. Of course, we’re curious what they’ll be showing of Undaunted Callisto but we’ve also had a friend ask to take a look at War Story: Occupied France, so we’ll be sure to take some pictures for him.

We probably missed a ton of good games and we haven’t even looked into the events, and we still need to pack! Oh my, it’s time to end this blog post.

Are you going to UKGE or do you have other plans?

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