I really like Urbion and I’m quite disappionted that the game is no longer available. I believe we picked up the last copy at our friendly local gaming store a few years ago and since then, I wanted to gift it to at least four people – but alas: it was nowhere to be found!

Urbion is a nice little card game in which you have to establish balance in city districts by making sure that there are as many positive dreams as negative dreams next to a so-called City card. There are also Chaos cards in the game which will try to throw of the balance, to give you a little challenge. It’s a simple game, but it’s one of those tiny (solo) games I grab while I have to wait a bit during cooking. And although the artwork of the game probably doesn’t work for everybody, I love it! It’s different. It’s colorful and it nothing like other games (except the other games from the¬†Oniverse series of course). And I had a lot of fun making this ‘comic’ in the style of Urbion. ūüėČ

If you’re interested, there are¬†are two¬†games that are set in the¬†Oniverse that are available:
–¬†Onirim,¬†gameplay wise, this game is closest to Urbion.
–¬†Sylvion, which is a tower defense like game.

What games do you know with a very ‘alternative’ artstyle?¬†

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