April 29th is this year’s International Tabletop Day! And to promote a day when people meet up to play board games (yay!), we’ve made some achievement badges you can print and give to other people or yourself when they/you deserve it. A thank you badge for your host of the day, a badge for excellent role playing, a badge for playing a ton of games, saving the world and many more.

Print it on normal paper, photo paper, magnetic photopaper, sticker paper, make actual pins/badges/buttons – whatever you think is cool, be creative and we would love it if you would share some pictures with us. πŸ˜€

You can download a printable PDF (letter/A4) by clicking here

Question time! What badges should we include next time?

Although game instructions usually provide a clever (or not) suggestion for determining the first player for its game, our group tends to just roll randomly for it. (Although recently I’ve discovered an app where everyone places a finger on your smartphone’s screen, it counts to 3, then randomly chooses a finger … pretty slick!)

Regardless, one player from my group tends to always “win” at being first player … perhaps that would be a fun badge? Simply call it “First Player Token” πŸ™‚

Perhaps you could also distinguish in the 3+/6+/9+ Games awards between playing 3/6/9 DIFFERENT Games and sessions of the SAME game (but maybe have that one be 3/4/5 or 2/4/6).

Maybe call them:
-Spice of Life +3/+6/+9 (as in, “Variety is the … ” and have the +3 award picture a cute little Salt Shaker, or something, then the +6 is a Salt and Pepper, and the +9 is Salt and Pepper with a Sriracha/Hot Sauce!)
-Persistence is Key +2/+4/+6 (and have the symbol be a key, like you’re “unlocking” the potential of a game from repeated plays? I dunno πŸ™‚ )

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