It’s been eleven weeks since my last comic about Netrunner, so I thought it was about time to post this one. 😉 People that don’t know or play Netrunner really won’t get the joke, so I’ll try to explain it a little.

The comic is based on the card Scorched Earth.


In Netrunner, one player plays a runner (‘hacker’) and the other player plays a big corporation. Corporations have the ability to tag a  runner.  When a runner is tagged, a corporation can do some horrible things, like Scorched Earth. During my last tournament I won twice because of this card. Both times I ended up with two Scorched Earth cards in my hand and the possibility to tag the runner (and them lacking the money to remove the tags in time). As a runner you can’t really defend yourself against a total of 8 meat damage. That’s because the cards in a runner’s hand are equal to the amount of damage they can take. With the standard maximum hand size being 5: you can do the math.

For the Netrunner players: What are your favorite cards (or combination of cards)?


Ahhhh, Scorched Earth. Nothing beats Scorched Earth. Escape, of course, some Plascrete Carapaces.

As a runner I really like Eater / Keyhole, though there are ways to beat it. SanSan Grid is another corp favorite of mine.

Then there are the cards I wouldn’t mind seeing get into a Traffic Accident: Account Siphon, Caprice Nisei, and Jinteki: Replicating Perfection.

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