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For those who are wondering what the name is of that game with the cute panda… it’s Takenoko! We somehow keep confusing the name with Tokaido. And when we were at Spiel in Essen last year, and Teotihuacan was a big hit, we had another “what was it called again?”-game title with a T to add to the list. Only with the latter, we still can’t remember how to pronounce it, even despite the video that Ella Loves Boardgames made.

I was busy with work last week and only got to play a few games: Cerberus, Century Golem, Charterstone and Chronicles of Crime. Heinze had a week off and also played Eldritch Horror (jealous!) and Keyforge.

I didn’t mention it here yet, but we’re continuing our partnership with with which we’re really happy. We reach a far bigger audience that has an interest in board games and best of all is that I’m financially able to make an extra comic for their newsletters which I can share with our readers. 🙂

With the continued partnership, we’ve made a little change to our Patreon page. From now on, we’re going to share our weekly comics on the same day on our Patreon page for paying patrons as they are published on Speaking of our amazing patrons, we’re at 48 patrons already! That’s so immensely cool and I’m very very grateful for their support.

And, in case you missed it on our social media channels, this is the latest extra comic, sponsored by
#019 – Growl

Do you ever mix up certain game titles?

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