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Onitama is a fun abstract chess-like game in which the moves your game pieces can make are determined by which card you play. The goal is reaching the starting space of the opponent or removing the Master pawn of the other player by landing on its space. It’s a game with a high level of ‘if-this-then-that’ since two of the next possible moves of the opponent are known to you.

We’ve only played the app version of this game and that’s certainly worth checking out as well! I think this is an app we’ll be playing a lot while traveling by train. Note that Godzilla is not an existing card in the game but part of the joke. 😉

These last weeks we’ve been playing a lot of the same games: Gloomhaven, Cthulhu Wars, The Lost Expedition, London and Arkham Horror the card game. And yesterday we’ve finished the Dunwich Campaign of Arkham Horror! It was an epic finale in which just one of our characters managed to survive. My character was killed after an epic action that made it possible for us to win the game. Alas, there was no chance for him to make it to the end. Luckily, Heinze’s character did and thus we ‘won’!

Since 7th Continent will be delivered very soon (excited!), we’ll stop playing Arkham Horror LCG for now, we love the game, but we’re playing too many campaign games right now and want to have time for some variation. 😉 We’ll pick it again when things quiet down.

What’s your favorite app version of a tabletop game at the moment?

My wife and I thoroughly enjoy Lords of Waterdeep on our tablets, and Potion Explosion and Ticket to Ride also hit the tablet frequently (see what I did there?). I am also very much a fan of Thunderbox’s ports of Tsuro and Roll For It.

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