A couple of weeks ago we’ve received our Kickstarter copy of Epic, the card game by White Wizard Games, the creators of Star Realms. And we both think the game is a lot of fun! Basically all the cards give you this ‘Whut?! Wow…’ feeling the first time you see them. They are, as promised, EPIC! Alas, we humans don’t stay impressed too long by awesomeness and get used to things quickly. So nowadays it almost feels normal to summon something like a gigantic dragon, dinosaur, demon or even King Kong and let them fight an army of zombies. Or to just have the entire battlefield be swiped clean by an apocolypse. 😉

Beside its epic contents, the game is also smart. And I like that there are many ways to play it. You can shuffle up all the cards and take 30 random ones and play those as your deck. You can do a drafting session with the other player(s) with thirty random cards per player or you can just play one of the four factions. It just doesn’t matter, the game works fine either way! Our preference slightly leans toward drafting our own decks, but when time is limited – thirty random cards work fine as well.

We’ve played Epic with a third player once now and that totally changes the game, it takes a lot longer and the game requires a lot more brainpower than with two players. And this is not a bad thing, I was suprised by the difference. It’s just yet another side of Epic that seems to work very well.

What’s your favorite drafting game?

I totally agree with that. Each time you play a card, you are like “Come at me, I’ll consume your soul !”, and each time your opponent play a card, you’re more like “Ho my god, ho my god, ho my god !!! I’m dead ! *draw a card* Or maybe not…”
In anyway you make your deck (from Demi-god vangard to CubeDraft and full random), it’s always epic.
That remind me my first game with the complete game. Turn One, mu opponent plays Rampaging Wurm. I’ve not even begin to play and I’ve already lost half of my HP. XD

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