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I think “The Captain is Dead” is one of the strongest board game names ever. Where a lot of games just look for a word related to their theme (Wingspan, Power Grid, Pipeline), “The Captain is Dead” is just so much more urgent and dramatic! The game itself is a great Pandemic-esque parody of Star Trek in which the captain has died and the crew has to repair the jump core to get the ship to safety. While we only played it once during a relaxed morning at UKGE, it made a lasting impression and we would recommend it if you like games like Flashpoint or Pandemic. The game has to sequels Lockdown and Dangerous Planets which we haven’t tried but we do enjoy the fact that there is a whole the Captain is Dead Universe (Poor captain).

We had a Tiny Towns filled week! AEG was kind enough to invite us on their Stream to talk about games and comics while playing some Tiny Towns (click here to see it!). We really enjoyed the format because the attention wasn’t as focussed on us which made it a bit more relaxed than a “regular” interview in which you try to be interesting with every answer. Josh Wood, the designer of Cat Lady, was also part of the stream and showed us the Apollo card that is included in the Box of Treats expansion which is the first time any of the Semi Co-op cast is featured in a game! We’re all very excited for Apollo and not jealous at all. 😉 Starbuck on the other hand would like to inform all designers that she is available for any planned game that involves cats.

It was Rachel’s birthday last week and she got the Fox in the Forest as a present, while it is a fun two-player trick-taking game we weren’t as impressed as we were with the Crew. It is quite small however which means we’ll probably take it with us during traveling because the rounds are short so you can play it easily while traveling by train or waiting on some food to arrive. We also tried Taverns of Tiefenthal with the second module for the first time and we liked it a lot better than just playing the base game, we might suspect we’re going to end up really liking the game once we add in all the expansions as the base game felt pretty random and didn’t allow you to really try different things.

What is your favorite title of a board game?

My favorite bad title is “Magic the Gathering – Arena of the Planeswalkers – Battle for Zendikar”. That is just way too long-winded.

My favorite good title, though…I’m not sure. Maybe “Cards Against Humanity” because of how perfectly it sums up how offensive the game is.

My favorite name game is related to the way the game is played. It’s H.O.P.E, acronym for Human Organization to Preserve Existence. I love the fact that we are trying to save the entire existence in the Universe but only one will win.
So HOPE is at the same time a message of hope and a satircal reflection of our society, trying to “save the world” but only for personnal interest.

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