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Last week we finished our last game of Pandemic Legacy! And we won, woohoo! I won’t go into any details, because I really don’t want to spoiler anything – but it was great! We’ve been playing since October last year, so the idea that we won’t be playing Pandemic Legacy every one/two weeks is weird. It feels like that empty void after you finished reading a great book or watched a television series. Our conclusion: YES, GO PLAY THIS GAME! It is an amazing experience and totaly worth the ‘investment’ of roughly €10 per person if you play with four people.

Something completely different that I’d like to show you guys is Heinze’s little project he has been working on this weekend. He has made a mold of the Hive Pocket game pieces, poured chocolate in it and tadaa! Hive chocolats! Very succesfully, I might add. Click here for more pictures.

What board game with a campaign should we definitely play according to you?

If you want another Legacy-style experience, T.I.M.E. Stories, definitely fits the bill — for me, it’s the game that nicely slots in between seasons 1 and 2 of Pandemic Legacy. 🙂

The other I’d put up there is the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game — with the base box, and the expansions they put out for that box, you can easily get around 22-24 plays with a group, and it’s got a unique ‘deck-builder over time’ aspect going there, on top of the campaign elements and RPG level-ups.

This cartoon is so true for me! Just finished this weekend. The irony is that it was a search for Season 2 news that led me back to your most enjoyable site 🙂

I found an ad for a playtest session of Season 2 which took place last year in October, so I hope it will be first half of 2017. Long time though!

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