With Rachel and Heinze sailing towards The Isle of Cats I can only wonder, are they prepared for what is ahead?

We’ll find out next week! [click here to read part 2]

Hi there, I’m Frank West, and I like to design and publish games set within The City of Kings universe, a world full of stories which I have been building for the past few years. The Isle of Cats is the next part in my big adventure, and I would love to invite you to check it out. But be warned! These cats have claws…

While there are many cats, the game offers a much bigger experience than many other cat themed games, and is designed for gamers. Over 90 minutes, you will find yourself challenged and having to make many tough decisions as you manage resources, and balance personal objectives with rescuing cats.

Have you ever tried to rescue a cat? No matter how much they need saving, they aren’t going to make it easy for you!

Don’t worry though, if you prefer easier games, there is a full family mode cutting the rulebook down from 20 pages to 2, making the game accessible for everyone, and a custom designed solo mode for those who would prefer to stay at home and play with their cats.

Next week we shall discover whether our heroes make it safely to the island, until then I hope you enjoyed the comic and that they don’t get seasick!

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