Did you miss The Isle of Cats, part 1?

I have a feeling Rachel and Heinze are going to regret putting all those cats on their boat, but we’ll find out soon.
[click here to read part 3]

Hi there, I’m Frank West, and last week I gave a little introduction to myself and The Isle of Cats. This week I’d love to hear from you and find out which of the six breeds of cat you like the best.

You did see the sixth one, right?

Rachel and Heinze have done a tremendous job bringing out the personalities of each of the cats from The Isle of Cats and I couldn’t be happier. I hope you are enjoying this adventure and I can’t wait to share the final part with you next week!

Got super into Semi Co-op after the first part of this and now I’m supporting the comic on Patreon and read the entire backlog! Super excited for Isle of Cats and to read more awesome board game comics!
(The Oshax and the Teruvians are my favorite, especially since the Oshax is so nicely hidden in plain sight in the comic :P)

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