Everybody in our gaming group has trouble remembering the name ‘Betrayal at House on the Hill’ right! Not sure why, but is does make me wonder if we are the only ones. My brains always want to include the words the and haunted, probably because the ‘haunt’ is a part of the actual game… and simply because the game is about a creepy house on a hill.

We were reminded of our incapability of saying the title of the game right when we heard that there is going to be a Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate! Interesting concept, but not one that’s on our list to be very honest. We should play Betrayal at the.. Betrayal at House on the Haunted Hi… Betrayal at House on the Hill more often first. 😉 I wouldn’t say it’s an amazing game, but it is hilarious and always interesting what bizarre scenario you end up in with a group.

Good news for our Italian readers! Semi Co-op is now being translated by Gabriele Berzoni and will be published twice a week on http://www.ilgioco.news/semi-co-op/ and on their Facebook page. Thank you, Gabriele! 🙂

Are there board game titles that make your brains sweat trying to utter them?

I personally have no problems with the name, but when I brought the game to a week lon get together with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, one of them called it “The Secret House of Betrayal”, to everyone’s amusement. So you’re not the only one who just adds words to the title out of
nowhere ^^

The only game I maybe sometimes (but not very often, I think) slip up is Forbidden Desert, but only because they decided that the German title should be changed from “Forbidden Desert” (which would be “(Die) Verbotene Wüste”) to “Die Vergessene Stadt”, which means “The Forgotten City.” So I sometimes call it “Die Verbotene Stadt” (“The Forbidden Desert”) because of that.

More often than not for me, Tokaido can’t be referenced without afterwards clarifying that – wait, is that the Panda one? … no that’s Takenoko!

Oh, and is it Camel Up … or Camel Cup?? The “C” on the box is big enough and placed so that it could be part of both words.
(Everywhere I look it’s Camel Up, but wouldn’t Camel Cup make more sense?)

Also, for some reason I always want to call Codenames “Crosswords.” … I’ve received so many blank stares.
(I suppose it kind of makes sense, though, right? You are trying to point out words, arranged in a criss-cross pattern … right? *sigh*)

And how is Cyclades pronounced?

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