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We’re back from a fantastic week at Spiel in Essen! This year has been slightly surreal, there have been so many readers saying hello to us and we’ve met so many interesting new people. And of course, we met up with friends we only meet once or twice a year. Thank you boardgaming community for being so awesome! <3

This year of Spiel might not have been so much about the board games, it was mostly about the people for us. We did play some games, but not that many and… we’re totally fine with that! Some of the games that we’ve played are Men at Work, Railroad Ink, Valparaíso, Realm of Sand, Faceless, Ceylon, Arraial, Dragon Castle, Untamed and Downforce.

Although Dragon Castle isn’t a new title, we did finally get a chance to play it and we loved it. Solid game! We had a great time playing Men at Work and we were very impressed by Valparaíso and Downforce. I’m not going to review all the games, because that’s not what we do. If you’re interested, you can check out our Instagram account. We often write our opinions about a game when posting a picture of it. 🙂

Heinze and I are both back to work today! Hopefully, we get to play some of the games that we took home with us in the evenings these coming weeks. I wish there was a booth on Spiel that sold time, that would have made this all a lot easier. 😉

How many unplayed games do you have?

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