Sometimes we like to base a comic on an internet meme and this week is one of them. If you don’t know or recognize this one, it was based on the “It was made for me! This is my hole!” meme. Other memes we covered are the “This is Fine” meme, that “Trojan Horse” one, the “Star Wars” one, and that “One in the bus with different views”. I think those are all the ones we did in the past.

So it was time for us to get back to work which was quite an adjustment again. We played very few games and I feel this is a behavioral pattern we show every year. We play fewer games during Summer and while we’re slowly sliding into Fall, we will find ourselves more and more at the gaming table. The months after SPIEL are always the moments we play the most games and I am looking forward to those again, but I’m also grateful for the slower board game period we have now so I can actually get hyped about playing more board games!

But what did we play last week? We continued our Descent campaign which still surprises us almost every game. We’re still having a lot of fun with it! We are wondering whether we should start increasing the difficulty level but we also fear that will make play time longer and that’s just not handy since all of us have to work the next morning.

On Friday, we played Res Arcana! Friends of ours recently got the game and were raving about it. Since they just got an expansion that would make the game better for 3+ players, we were the perfect test subjects. The game seemed more complex than it actually was and I was surprised that it took us less than two hours to play it (including the rules explanation). Res Arcana is an engine-building game in which players try to be the first to get ten points. It has some ‘take-that’ options on cards, but in our game, nobody ever attacked other players. We both enjoyed the game – it isn’t original or outstanding but it is a very solid game that we would enjoy playing again.

Heinze also played a game of War Chest and won! I wouldn’t really be able to tell you more about the game, if you’d like to know more, let us know in the comments and I’ll poke Heinze to answer your comment. 😀

What’s your least favorite part of game night?

For me least favourite part is… getting one. My kids are too young for most games I even remotely enjoy. My wife doesn’t like board games half as much as I do.
I have my playgroup, but sometimes it takes literally months to find good date to play 🙁

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