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Cat owners might recognize this! …or our cats are just weird. Around their “dinner time”, they turn into (passive-)aggressive, cute and adorable fluff balls that like to lay on the table with games on them and ignore all the rules we taught them.

Root still amazes us with every play! It’s like discovering something new every time and that’s also because we often play it with a different number of players. Two, three, four and now we’ve finally played our first five-player game last week and that was interesting! We played with the Marquise, the Eerie, the Woodland Alliance and two Vagabonds. The Woodland Alliance started off quite slowly and everybody made the mistake of ignoring the forest critters and focussed more on the Marquise and the Eerie. Before we knew it, the Woodland Alliance was rampaging through the forest, winning the game by scoring more than 8 points in one turn. A lesson learned for next time!

Besides Root, we only managed to squeeze in a game of Illimat and a game of Roll for the Galaxy in our schedule. Heinze looked it up and apparently the last time that we played Roll for the Galaxy was… October 2017! … 2017! HOW?! I honestly can’t believe that. It didn’t feel like it was that long ago. Time flies by way too quickly.

Speaking of time: Thursday it’s Semi Co-op’s fourth birthday! 😀 We’re planning on some fun giveaways on all of our social media channels. Something with a chance to win a signed print of your favorite Semi Co-op comic! Keep an eye on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram this Thursday as we share more details about our celebration party. 🙂

And, in case you missed it on our social media channels, this is the latest extra comic, sponsored by
#025 – Missing…

pet owners: what silly quirks do your pets have while playing a game?

We can very much relate! Without fail, on the dot, every day. They come sit in our desk or game table and give us “the look”. Any sudden movement on our part or words makes them stand up to attention, perky ears and all, as if trying to understand if we are saying some variation of “dinner” and “cats”.

How interesting do you find Root with only 2 players? We’re not inclined at the moment to buy games that we cannot play the 2 of us at home but I really fancy Root.

As my family owns a literal swarm of cats, we…usually have an interesting time keeping them off the table. They get curious about what the people are doing that isn’t paying attention to them. Which means offering up a lap or accepting that at some point, your figs are going to be knocked about.

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