This is the start of our Summer special! No, don’t worry, we’re not taking a summer break and upload less comics for you to enjoy. Comics will be ‘vacation’ themed the coming weeks. We have some nice ideas for our characters while they are abroad.

We ourselves have been quite busy lately with playing a lot of boardgames actually. This weekend we played Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective on Saturday. We solved case six, The Mummy’s Curse and scored 65 points. We could have scored a lot higher but we we’re looking for (and expecting) a more difficult (and creative) solution so we visited a lot of places, but it wasn’t there alas! It was not the best case in our opinion. Yesterday we played a 6-player game of A Game of Thrones. It was intense and it took us about 5 hours, but it’s a great game. Tomorrow we’ll be playing Mysterium (with the new expansion Hidden Signs!) and Wednesday we finally get to play Betrayal at the House on the Hill. Looking forward to both of them.

Tonight there are no plans for playing games and to be very honest: I’m totally fine with that. 😉

What is that one game that’s perfect for taking along on a vacation?

When travelling, games that are just cards (and a few bits) are great if you just ditch the box and pack them together.
I once flew with Nevermore, Sushi Go, Love Letter, Geek Out!, Rumpelstiltskin, Werewolf, Machi Koro, and Splendor in a small card box. TSA pulled me out of line to investigate the bag because there was too high a concentration of cardboard in one place and their scanners couldn’t tell what it was. The security guy laughed when he opened the box!

I think Hive works exceptionally well for travel: there is no board, no components to worry about damaging, and you can play it anywhere! I’m looking forward to someday playing it on the sand of some glorious beach … and playing the hex pieces on those natural hexagonal stone formations in the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland would be really cool, too!

Boardgamegeek has a lot of great pictures of people playing Hive in fun and unconventional locales … check it out!

I’m yet to try the available expansion bugs – like the mosquito, ladybug, and the like – would anyone recommend them in general, or particular combinations of the expanded bugs?

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