Last week was the worldwide release of Pandemic Legacy! And there’ s quite a hype for it in the board gaming world. Pandemic was (again) number 1 in the People’s Choice Top 100 of Dice Tower this year. The previous Legacy game, Risk Legacy, was received very well. I’m personally not a big fan of Risk and I didn’t want to dedicate to that many play sessions of Risk, so we skipped that one. I can’t wait to try the concept of Legacy with a game like Pandemic.

The idea of  the Legacy series is that  a ‘storyline’ is added to an excisting game. Unlike the original games, the Legacy games have an ending. After each play something changes and what this is is, depends on the outcome of the played game. You might have to draw things on the board, put stickers on it or add additional cards to the game.

Heinze and I are both quite exited about the game, although we’re not yet sure how we’ re going to organise it. We’d like to play it with a group of friends, but since you need to play the game at least 12 times (I’m not sure, probably more), it will be quite a hassle to organise it with a group without it taking us more than a year to finish it. Or maybe we might just have to play it with the two of us, but we enjoy playing the game with a group a little more.

Of what game would you love to see a Legacy edition?

Love this! Great job.

My husband and I have been playing 2P Legacy and are loving it so far (we just finished August). I feel as though the game might be slightly more challenging with 3 or 4, but it is certainly well balanced for 2 and the game seems to adjust its difficulty through the win/loss mechanisms. Have fun either way you end up playing 🙂

I’d love to try Pandemic Legacy, but I have a question… Does it mean that eventually, the game is done and you can’t play anymore?
I mean, if you put sticker, open enveloppes, you can’t start again, right?

Yes, the game has an ending.

Before you start the campaign you can play regular Pandemic with your copy and there are some fan created ways too keep playing after your done. But the actual legacy part of the game lasts 12 to 24 games depending on how much you win. Our Pandemic Legacy campaign lasted 20 games and we feel like it’s is worth it and wouldn’t be as captivating if it was resettable. But we do understand that you can also buy a infinite playable game for the same price, and that might be a better choice depending on your situation.

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