It’s been a while since you’ve seen Death in our comic, but with the happenings in the comic last week, we thought it would be great to feature Death again in another quite absurdist comic! 😉 Talking about “Death”, we’re loving the TikTok videos that Plumpy Thimble makes with the Death character! We’re almost sorry for not being on TikTok, but luckily, he also posts compilations on his YouTube account for us old people, haha.


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Since the unfortunate death of my character was fictional, I have to admit to not having played Glass Road yet either. What we did play last week was Gloomhaven and oh boy – we finished the campaign! It’s done and we didn’t see it coming! We had expected that we would be playing at least three more scenarios, but apparently not? The ending did leave us with mixed feelings: slight confusion and but also with a sense of pride that we actually finished this beast. We’re also sort of relieved that we now have more game nights that we can spend on the pile of fun new releases that are waiting to be played.

We also continued our adventure in Sleeping Gods, in which we all of a sudden had a session that was full of fighting, while the previous two sessions required no fighting at all! We do enjoy the combat system of the game, it’s tense and exciting but can be quite brutal.

And this weekend we visited friends we hadn’t seen for a long time and they have quite the collection of Discworld board games. We’ve played Witches one last time and this time we tackled their unplayed copy of Guards Guards! The rules turned out not to be too complicated but there’s just A LOT going on in the game. We wouldn’t say we thought it was a very good game (except for the Luggage element!), but we had a great time nonetheless.

On Sunday, Heinze played an epic game of Warmaster (I almost typed Warhamster…) and we ended the evening with our second play of Oltréé. Oltréé is a weird little duckling, it almost looks majestic but the complexity is lighter than it looks. We do really enjoy playing it and have already called it a light version of Eldritch Horror X Pandemic. Things on the board are escalating which you’re frantically trying to manage. Besides the smaller story cards, every scenario also has an overlapping bigger story element which influences the game. From blocking parts of the board to actual cool plot twists that change your goals!

And that was it. This week we’ve got two game nights planned with friends and we have no clue yet what we’ll be playing, so that’s going to be a surprise! And in less fun news we have to take Apollo to the vet this week for an echo because there might be something wrong with his kidneys. Fingers crossed that it’s not too bad. 🙁

What game would you play against death?

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