You can’t have ‘the’ conversation with the young ones too early! 😉 Shoutout to Mark from Ludocherry whose comment was the inspiration for this comic!

We did it, we’ve had a week in which we played zero board games! The stars aligned and plotted against our board gaming hobby and we had already seen in our schedule that we were busy every night of the week with other things than board games. Oof!

What things did we do then? I’m not sure if this is interesting, but ending the blog post here feels wrong. 😉 Once every two weeks, we play a multiplayer game with friends and right now we’re deep into a co-op game of Anno 1800. There’s an option to play as a single player in the game with multiple players and this leads to a super relaxing version of the game in which development goes really quickly since four people are doing all the clicky work instead of one. The downside of Anno is that it’s ridiculously addicting and time just flies by too quickly. It’s a good thing we all have jobs and have a reason to stop playing or else we would be playing until the early hours every time.

We’ve also been busy with another hobby of ours, next to bouldering, and that’s fiddling with synthesizers! We’re trying to plan a synth night more often in the future with a friend to do some jam sessions together and to fiddle around with all the cool technology that makes all kinds of bleeps and bwops. Our small victory this week was linking all the different synths through Ableton so there’s a shared BPM (beats per minute) and that we got the big mixer unit working and recording. The actual music-making is something we have to learn, besides Heinze, he’s actually already quite good at that… (very jealous here, haha).

And yesterday, we had a super relaxed afternoon with nice food and painting miniatures. We’ve learned that that’s a great and creative activity to do while also having a conversation in the meantime. So that’s been a wonderful way to meet up and do something lowkey in the meantime. Looking back at weeks such as this, I guess I’m mostly very grateful for all the wonderful people that we hang around with and whom we can share our interests with.

This week, board games are back on the menu, boys! We’re hoping to play Tiwanaku and we have another game night planned tomorrow. We might play Descent or something else, we’ll see! Heinze has a night of D&D later this week and we’ve got nothing planned this weekend, so that’s good news for our card board interest. Looking forward to it. 🙂

Any holiday gaming plans?

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