The heroes are small.
The problems are big.
The cat is hungry.

Don’t miss out – Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower is a roleplaying game you could be playing right now. Every backer of the Kickstarter receives a digital copy of the Burglar of Brackwood bonus adventure you can download as soon as you’ve pledged!

With a ruleset that takes five minutes to learn, six premade characters to choose from, and a fully illustrated three-session campaign all included in a single magazine, Adventure Presents is perfect for first-time roleplayers who want to dip their toes in the hobby but don’t know where to start – but even the most experienced GM will appreciate how little preparation is needed to run this mini-campaign.
And as you follow this story into a magical tower, searching for a missing wizard, you might find it a bigger undertaking than you imagined…

Adventure Presents: Tiny in the Tower is on Kickstarter right now:

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