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Inserts will be the bane of gamers forever! While we enjoy games that come with a good insert, especially those game trays, we’ve recently seen more and more people not liking the insert that comes with the game. On the other hand, some people seem to get really annoyed by having to resort to third-party inserts for some games, and even we ourselves have to admit that some of our own designed inserts could have been done better. Will there ever be a perfect insert for every game? Let’s hope so!

We had a busy week which means our gaming suffered quite a bit, on the other hand, we did do OUR FIRST EVER LIVE STREAM! Although it started as a way to test our DSLR as a webcam, we’re pretty pleased with the result and want to do some more streaming. We thought of a fun format in which one of us gets a random top 5 topic (eg. top 5 games you think are underrated) and that person has five minutes to run around the house and collect the games for that top 5 (and make it up on the spot). Once the games are gathered, they are presented in front of the camera and we talk a little why they made your top five. We got to do four different top-fives and you can watch the result on our Youtube channel if that sounds fun to you. Ironically it takes a lot less time to do a live stream than making a comic so that was a bit of a shock for us – we see why it’s so popular nowadays.

Tomorrow you can see us live on Bez her stream btw, we loving hanging out with Bez and we’ll be playing some games, so it should be a good time!

Do you keep the trench?

It depends. Does game fits in a box with it? Then leave it – even if some elements have to be stored below it (like with Starcraft or newer Doom). Even if it’s not usufull for the game as a whole it makes it a little bit more “ordered” inside box and elements/baggies won’t get thrown around box during transport.
But if there is any problem with fitting game inside box I ditch it quickly – usually Lid is easily distinguishable from box bottom, so there is not a problem shown in comic.

You can usually fit things under the trench, though. It also makes getting the instructions and board (which goes on top of the trench) out WAY easier than if they are on the bottom under a pile of bags of bits.

Of course, once you add expansion boards (or, in the case.of some games, sleeve the cards) this falls apart entirely.

Best is a bigger box that fits plastic organizers! Those setups are swell.

I bag pretty much all components (and sleeve a lot) so step one with the trench is to flip it over and use the two new trenches to double the storage space. This also allows the board to hover above components rather than stuck in the bottom. After an expansion though the trench goes in the recycle bin.

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