Last week we announced on our social media channels that we’ve teamed up with CoolStuffInc! That means that you can be the first to read our newest comic when you subscribe to the CoolStuffInc newsletter or if you check out their website. They have commissioned us to create comics for all the newsletters, so that means there will be a more Semi Co-op content! Besides our weekly comic, we’re also making ‘sketchy’ comics, these are more analog drawn looking comics that are a bit shorter/simpler. But we still guarantee that they’ll be about board games and we think they are funny. 😉 These will first be published exclusively in the newsletter of CoolStuffInc and we’ll also share them on our social media channels two days later.
And since it’s the Holiday season, that means there will be three Semi Co-op comics for you every week until Christmas! After that, there will be our weekly comic and one sketchy comic. We’ve also written a post about this collaboration on our Patreon page if you’d like to know more!


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We’re really excited about this collaboration since it means we can make more content and our comics are being shared with a larger audience. A win-win situation for all parties! 🙂

So what have we been playing last week?! We played The Quacks of Quedlinburg and that game was way lighter than we both expected, purely based on the cover. The box of the game has a eurogame feel to it, but looks are deceiving. Inside there is a fast-paced ‘bag’ building game. Instead of building up a deck of cards, you’re filling up your pouch with tokens with which you’ll brew your potion. We really enjoyed the game and since the box offers a lot of game variants, we’re curious to play it more.

We also played our first game of Clans of Caledonia! In this case, looks are not deceiving and this is a real euro game! It took us three hours with four players (with the two of us never have played the game), but we all had a great time! The game has a nice theme, great components and is all about producing goods AND selling/buying goods with a stock market system. The latter was a very interesting addition to the game that I personally had not seen before.

We also played our first game of KeyForge! We had fun playing it, but we both feel we might need to play it a few more times with maybe also other decks to see if it’s a game that sticks in the long run. It didn’t give me that WOW-feeling that I did have with Netrunner, but like I said: I’ll definitely give it a few more tries.

And we also played a game of Rising 5 and Root. In Root, we finally managed to defeat the Mechanical Marquise in co-op mode! Yeah!

Are there (popular) games that you really don’t feel like playing?

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