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We introduce to you our version of the game Paper App Dungeon! Make your way through the UKGE halls, making friends, buying games while also having enough money to get back home at the end! 😉 If you’d like to print it, you can download a print-friendly version by clicking here.

In reality, luggage space was a bigger issue because we were traveling with only (small) hand luggage so we knew we couldn’t take a lot home with us but we managed to resist many temptations! We also made a lot of friends (and met up with lots of them) so we’re going to say that we’ve had a very successful UKGE!

We’ve made a short video every day:

We hadn’t been to the UKGE in five years, so it was great being there again. We were also surprised that ‘just’ two halls can be just as draining as eight halls at Spiel. The biggest difference is that the UKGE offers more open gaming areas so you can actually sit down and play games, which SPIEL lacks.

We didn’t book many meetings because we wanted this convention to be more relaxed than our busy days at Spiel. In reality, though, we come across a lot of people and publishers in the hallways or at their booths and we end off having many impromptu meetings anyway, haha. There weren’t a lot of new titles being released at the UKGE so we mostly saw a lot of prototypes of games that’ll be out later this year. This was a big plus for our luggage issue. 😉

We saw a lot of people we hadn’t seen in years which was so great and that alone made the trip worth it. Some games/prototypes/experiences that stood out to us were:
– Meeting Semi Co-op readers! Thank you for coming up to us and saying hi. <3
– We saw the prototype for Seti and that looks impressive!
– We’re really curious about Katmai: The Bears of Brooks River and War Story: Occupied France from the Osprey team.
– We bought our first Oink game, Moving Wild after multiple people recommended it to us and we even got it signed by the designer.
– We really enjoyed our demo of Yonder by Sinister Fish!
– We joined in on a late-night Star Wars Unlimited draft game without ever having played the game.
– Playing silly games at the StuffByBez booth.
– Playing (secret) prototypes and giving feedback on them.
– Setting the co-op high score for a cute card game Aethermon: Collect.
– Nerding about Gloomhaven, Frosthaven and other great dungeon crawlers with Chris from Cephalofair.
– Finding the (English) expansions for Northgard and another small expansion for Robot Quest Arena!
– English breakfast that’ll last you until the end of the afternoon.
– And many more. We’ve had a great time! A thank you to the UKGE, publishers, volunteers and anybody involved.

What score did you get?!

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