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Happy Halloween! We just realized yesterday that this would be this year’s Halloween comic and we didn’t play a spooky game for the blog post. To be honest, we haven’t played any spooky games since Mansions of Madness 2nd edition, so we’re overdue for some new blood in our horror games collection. The Night Cage, Final Girl, and Nemesis look great, so maybe it’s time to find some friends who’d love to teach us.

We did play a whole lot of other games this week, so let’s talk about them! Last Monday we played Wingspan, because last week’s comic was based on reality and somebody really asked that question. Not only did our friend who asked about it liked it a lot, he even borrowed our copy to try the solo mode! We haven’t heard back from him since, so he might be very addicted at this point. 😉

We also tried KAPOW! which is a superhero dice builder. We (gladly) have to try it some more before we can give our opinion because it turns out Rachel misread a rule which resulted in her being able to pull off more powerful moves than she was allowed to. It did seem to fit very well in Wise Wizard Games’s philosophy of games that are easy to learn but super fun to play and offer loads of potential for cool combos. So we’re very hopeful the game allows for a bit more building up of powers when we play it correctly.

Speaking of dice games, we played two games of MLEM and this might be our new go-to push-your-luck for casual game nights. It’s about cats going on space missions and it’s all about leaving the rocket on time before it blows up. We tried the base game which is fine but when you add the extra modules a lot more options become available, making the mind games between players a lot deeper. It nicely joins Robot Quest Arena for easy silly fun for four or five players.

Finally, we played our first session of Critical Sanctuary, which promises a fantasy RPG in just thirty-minute sessions. While our session 0 did take an hour, it was with a first-time DM (Rachel did great!) and two other players who’d never played an RPG before. The game does a lovely job of helping the DM with clear descriptions, some pre-written dialog, and cards showing locations and enemies drawn by Vincent Dutrait. It was a fun time although it’s a very simple system and we’re curious to see how the system slowly introduces more complex abilities and items over the course of the remaining sessions.

Lastly, we continued our Descent campaign, which kicked our butts when we decided to hard mode, played loads of Tinderblox and were reminded that the Paperback app is a seriously good time while traveling by train.

Looking at our Spiel loot, we’ve played through most of them with only Skyrockets, Wool Gang, Virtual Revolution, Kutna Hora and Nucleum being unplayed so far. Hopefully, we find the time to try at least one of them this week as they all look exciting.

What is the scariest game you’ve played?

I just learned recently that there was a Wingspan tournament at my place of work. It looks like 6 to 8 people competed in preliminary games and then in a 3 players final. First time such event happened. Just shows how popular this game is

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