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So. Many. (New). Games. At. Spiel 2016. (Really, here’s a PDF where all the games are listed in – it’s 115 pages long)

It’s a shame I really had no time to go to Spiel due to multiple deadlines this week – but even if you were there: where would you start? With that many cool games being presented there, how would you make a choice what to check out? The games listed in the comic are only a faction of all the games on the list of all the games. It’s fascinating and so many of them looked fun or interesting. I hope that the people who did go to Spiel in Essen had a great time. Let us know in the comments which games really stood out to you.

We’ve also made another time lapse video. This time of Android Mainframe, the game has a nice buildup that works really well on camera. This actually was the first time that we managed to completely fill the board and we both made a terrible mistake, but luckily the timelapse goes far too quick to really see them. 😉  If you want to keep track of what we’re playing you should follow us on Instagram!

Do you go to board game conventions? Why (not)?

wow a lot of games in your pre essen list. i wonder what you did end up buying.
i was working at stronghold games at the fair, mostly teaching sola vide and dragon flagon.
got lots of loot of stronghold so it will probebly hit the table next game day in enschede.

I’ve only been to comic conventions which equate more to “nerd/geek culture” conventions, I’ve noticed. While they were fun to experience, to explore, absorb, and take in … there wasn’t a lot of “participation”. Except, of course, being your costume’s character … and shopping.

Board game conventions, on the other hand, would be like a great vacation, I think, in that no matter how much you do, the end will come too quickly with so much still on your list. And while you’re seeing and playing SO many new games, I think it would be just as rewarding to see and play with SO many new gamers. I find old games refreshed when I take them out and play them with new people.

Some years I prepared and made lists of what to see, this year I just strolled around to see what piqued my interest. It feels more fun and less stressful that way. The downside is that you miss interesting games that are already sold out because you didn’t know to go to their booths first…

I am curious…

Are all of the games on the 115 page pdf already (or at least set to be) published?

Or, for some, is the convention a sort of testing ground to take input and weigh how and/or whether or not they want to continue moving forward with the project?

Were there prototypes or were they all final purchasable versions?

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