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This week’s comic is dedicated to Katie from Katie’s Game Corner! Katie has a blog that is mostly about wargames. But what we think makes Katie special is that she really tries to shed another light on wargames, to give this game genre a lower threshold and she works hard to make the board and war gaming community an inclusive place for everyone without judgment or discrimination. These are things we full heartedly support and this lead to this week’s comic.

Katie commissioned us to draw her an avatar a while back and she liked it so much, that she’s having a contest on Twitter where you can win a commissioned avatar! Check that out if you’d like your own Semi Co-op styled avatar, the giveaway ends on October 31.

Good friends of ours got us a meeple cookie cutter and we’re loving it. From now on we can serve meeple cookies at gaming nights, yeah! Now we just need to find an amazing cookie recipe. And yes, one of our cats was cool enough to photobomb the picture. šŸ˜‰

It’s almost time for Spiel! Exciting times! And a little less time for playing games in preparation before heading to Essen. Last week we only played Steampunk Rally, Bargain Quest and Star Realms. This week we might play another game of Root and hopefully, we can crack our brains at the second case of Detective. On the other hand: we’ll probably play more than enough games at Spiel, so maybe it’s a sensible thing to play a little less games right now. šŸ˜€

Do you play wargames and do you have any favorites?

Iā€™m a big fan of Commands and Colors: Ancients. It uses basically the same system as Memoir ā€˜44, but I like both the time period (Ancient Greece and Rome) and the specific rules a bit more than M44. I also like one that is a nice blend of board and war game and that is Vikings 878. I break this out when Iā€™m trying to convert people to the wargame fold!

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