Welcome to Ald-Amura
Long after the crowns have fallen, long after greed has had its day, long after war, poverty, hunger, and tyranny passed into memory, Ald-Amura’s peace is broken by The False Gold, a terrible sickness spreading through its greatest guardians and most beautiful Monsters. Unified by community and driven by a love for the planet and each other, The Monster Care Squad rises. Do you heed their call?

Monster Care Squad is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the tranquil world of Ald-Amura. The peaceful state of the world is threatened when a mysterious poison known as The False Gold finds its way into the veins of the world’s Monsters, causing terrible, maddening Wounds, which drive these incredible beings into uncontrollable rages. The once unbreakable bond of harmony and respect between Humans and Monsters is on the brink of collapse, and it’s up to you and your allies to set things right.

You play as Monster Care Specialists, elite vets equipped with the knowledge to heal any wound, given enough time and preparation. In the game, you travel this amazing world, going from town to town in hopes of finding Monsters infected with The False Gold, diagnosing their illnesses, crafting cures, and healing their minds and bodies of the strange, magical Wounds which drive them to destruction. To do this, you’ll solve local problems, investigate the land and its mysteries, and apply the skills, abilities, and knowledge you’ll build up throughout play.

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