Watch It Played has launched their crowdfunding campaign for season 5!

We’re both big fans of Rodney Smith’s channel and we often choose to watch his videos instead of plowing through thick and sometimes complicated rule books to get an idea of the game play. If you’ve never heard of Watch It Played and you’re not a fan of staring at a rule book for an hour before you even have the slightest idea of how a game is played: you should definitely check out his YouTube channel –

If you do know Watch It Played, you have to agree with me that Rodney Smith always looks friendly and calm. It’s amazing. That’s why I can’t imagine how hard it must be to play a game like Coup with him. I tried in this comic and I think it would be rather challenging. 😉

We’re surely going to support season 5 of Watch It Played and if you’d like to do that too, you can contribute to the project here:

What games did you learn to play by watching Rodney Smith?

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