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Cryptic: Urban Legends was kindly provided by Osprey Games for free. We thank them for giving us this game which led to this comic! For more information on how we deal with gifted games, please see our FAQ!

We really enjoy Cryptid: Urban Legends! And like the original Cryptid, it is about finding a hidden monster, only now one of the two players is playing the monster trying to escape the city. It took a few plays for us to make it click as it is very abstract and the rulebook makes it sound more complicated than it is. But now, we’re deep in the ‘fanatical plays’ and ‘forming strategies’-phase of exploring this quick two-player game.

If we would have to compare it to something we would say it is a bit like Fugitive or Raptor, two players trying to block each other while building a long-term plan that hopefully snaps shut and secures them the win. The art by Kwanchai Moriya is also wonderful, so we used the cards from Cryptid: Urban Legends to make a comic about one searching for an answer to a question we get asked a lot but don’t have an answer to… “what is your favorite board game?”.

Tabletop games aren’t one genre or one type of activity and while you can say you enjoy tabletop games, some people might talk about Warhammer, while someone else is talking about Wingspan, while a third person might be talking about Werewolves. We enjoy a lot of genres and we love looking at the mechanism behind different genres to see what makes them tick and why people enjoy them. While there are aspects of games we think are genius or enjoy a lot, we don’t believe there is one game that we can point at and say is our favorite. So maybe we should ask people when asking us about our favorite board game why they’re asking it, so we get excitedly suggest a game to them that we think will fit their tastes, or talk about an aspect of a game that really surprised us recently.

Speaking of surprises, last minute it turned out I was going to Poldercon yesterday! We found out all trains were canceled this weekend in our city, it seemed all was lost but thanks to a friend we were able to borrow a car! I got to play Forbidden Psalm, Anno Domini 1666, Burrows & Badgers, and Bolt Action. While I don’t play a lot of miniature games, I’m starting to realize I enjoy skirmish levels game the most. Especially Forbidden Psalm and Burrows & Badgers are RPG-inspired games that just lovely story-like elements that make the game a bit more interesting than just putting your miniature in the right place and how your roll the right number on your dice. While Bolt Action had some very cool systems I just have a hard time picturing me enjoying putting together a 20-40 unit force and playing for several hours the capture a village when in that time I could conquer whole galaxies in a board game form, not even considering the time it would cost to paint all those figures and make some interesting terrain.

This week, we’re playing the King’s Dilemma again and we’re going to be playing a murder mystery type of game, probably Suspects, so we’re looking forward to that!

What is a board game related question you don’t seem to be able to give an answer to?

Probably because it was Monopoly’s “ancestor,” The Landlord Game, that was intended to be educational. Parker Brothers never made out the successful capitalists to be evil in any way, and focused on the version where your goal is to crush everyone else. The Landlord Game had an alternate rule set that involved creating wealth for everyone when your plans succeeded.

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