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We love when ambitious and cool people do ambitious things. When Isaac and Lindsey launched Rose Gauntlet a couple of months back we got really excited. Not only are they designing board games, but they’re also working on a digital game and they launched some sweet merch as well. Last week Dicebreaker wrote about Isaac’s upcoming game “There will be ghosts” which will actually be scary?! We thought about how you could make cardboard components scary and we couldn’t think of anything except for this comic. 😉

This week we continued our Gloomhaven campaign, and thanks to a great Kickstarter update, we were almost tempted to seek out a copy of Frosthaven, even though we’re pretty sure we would never play it. It’s a wonderful game but we’re nowhere near finishing Gloomhaven and there are so many other wonderful games to explore! We also played Rajas of the Ganges for the first time in a while and it’s still great. If you are looking for a solid Euro game with some cool twists, check it out. I also played two solo games of Wildlands: The Ancients and really enjoy how every Ancient is really different and forces you to adapt.

This week we haven’t gotten any plans but slowly our Pandemic Legacy group has started whispering it might be time to get ourselves a copy of Season 0 which has gotten us excited. Will we complete the trilogy? Stay tuned!

How would you make a board game scary?

Cursed dice aren’t scary. Now, easily missed important triggers that have the word “may”?

Those are terrifying. It’s either you pay attention to every little detail and sit on the edge of your seat, or you hope and pray that missing them won’t bite you in the tuchus, which it inevitably will.

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