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We remember a moment during SPIEL 2019 sitting at a table in a restaurant with friends that Martin Wallace shared the piece of news that Osprey was working on a co-op expansion for Wildlands and we were the only ones that responded with a loud YAY…! We even have a photo of that evening. 😉 But we’re genuinely excited about the upcoming The Ancients expansion! And alas for Heinze, it’s also true that ever since we also started logging who wins a game, he hasn’t won a game of Wildlands since… But I’m certain he won it at some point… eh, I think?

Wildlands is a special gem in its genre, it’s a quick and lighter miniature game! This miniature skirmish game uses cards instead of dice to make it a game about hard choices. Do you give up a card that lets you attack with your heavy hitter now… or do you save it to be able to defend a weak but quick character later? The game ends when a player scores five points, which can be achieved by taking out characters or collecting crystals making sure there is always a way to score some quick points.

Last week was a bit lowkey for board gaming, we only played a few games. We played a game of Wildlands, Century Golem and we’ve tackled the longest Mansions of Madness scenario “Rising Tide” this weekend. We had fun and managed to beat the ancient evil that was stirring in Innsmouth, but I don’t think we will play this scenario again – also because it took us six hours. 😉

This week we hope to launch our new plans for Patreon. We’re introducing some nice things and we’ll tell you all about it when it’s live!

What is a game you love but can’t seem to win?

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